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best way to brush your teeth

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

I was watching a video on YouTube where a dentist explained that using an electric toothbrush is the best way a person can brush both their teeth and gums at the same time. The dentist had the cameraman zoom in to show how the very small head of an electric toothbrush had this capability and because of this, the dentist gave the electric toothbrush all the praise he felt it deserved as far as being the best option to keep your teeth clean.

After I watched the video, I started to wonder what this dentist would think of The Vertex Toothbrush. First, when you hold the handle horizontally and you bring the brush head to either the upper or lower area of your teeth and gums, The Vertex Toothbrush not only covers both tooth and gum at the same time, but it can cover the entire tooth you are brushing along with the gum as well.

Second, because of The Vertex Toothbrush’s capability to cover such a larger area compared to the smaller head of an electric toothbrush, there is greater opportunity for The Vertex Toothbrush to not miss areas that you may have thought you brushed, thus ensuring you have cleaned every little area in your mouth.

Third, when the dentist tried to maneuver the head of the electric toothbrush to the insides of the patient’s teeth, you could see him struggling to get to various areas. With The Vertex Toothbrush and its rounded handle, with ease you can get to all areas of the insides of your teeth and gums where you would not be struggling as the dentist was using the electric toothbrush.

And lastly, I was surprised he did not talk about the importance of brushing your tongue. I will say this out loud and with pride, but you cannot compare the smaller head of an electric toothbrush to the perfectly proportioned head of The Vertex Toothbrush which, to me, is the best toothbrush for cleaning your tongue after you have finished brushing your teeth.

So again, I truly do wonder what this dentist would have thought of The Vertex Toothbrush if I had presented it to him after he completed his video. But to be honest, dentists I know absolutely love The Vertex Toothbrush. People I know have given up their electric toothbrush because they feel the brushing experience with The Vertex Toothbrush has their teeth feeling cleaner than ever. And lastly, you will love The Vertex Toothbrush because you will see that it quite possibly could be the best way to brush your teeth.

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