The Vertex Toothbrush® Design: 

Modeled after the shape of dental instruments, the ergonomically designed, patent approved Vertex Toothbrush® offers a more thorough tooth-and-gum cleaning experience while targeting hard to reach areas of the mouth unlike any toothbrush. It’s endorsed by dentists, orthodontists, and each and every user of The Vertex Toothbrush!!

The Vertex Toothbrush® Features:

• Unique angle design targets hard to reach areas
• T-shaped head comfortably pinpoints both tooth and gum
• 360 degree operation for a more thorough clean
• Rounded grip for more control

• Available in Soft and Medium




Watch our video clip to find out how The Vertex Toothbrush® both works and compares to the standard toothbrush and why you should choose to use The Vertex Toothbrush®!! 


The Vertex Toothbrush® has launched on Amazon. Also it has achieved a design patent. Clink on this link to keep up-to-date with The Vertex Toothbrush®


Please review the clinical Head-to-Head study showing greater efficacy for The Vertex Toothbrush over a standard Oral-B toothbrush. GO VERETEX!!!


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