Design Patent
One of a kind toothbrush

Please click on the link to view the design patent information which the inventor achieved thus allowing us to create to finished version of The Vertex Toothbrush®... [Click link]

Beats Oral-B
Proves to be better than a commonly used toothbrush
In a head-to-head study, The Vertex Toothbrush®, when compared to a standard Oral-B Toothbrush, (the one that is often handed out at a dentist's office), proved to be the better brush. Click on link to read more... [Read More]

Store Brands Magazine

Amazing products and services emerge

Store Brands Magazine conducted an interview with the inventor of The Vertex Toothbrush®, where insights into how The Vertex Toothbrush® was invented, and other ideas, are discussed...[Read More]

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