Q:  How did you come up with such a different idea on the toothbrush?

A:  Honestly, it just came down to how I liked to use the standard toothbrush when I brushed my teeth. When I brushed my teeth, I held the brush vertically where I was able to brush both upper and lower teeth at the same time. Then sometime back in the summer of 2011, as I was brushing my teeth, it hit me that if I turned the head 90 degrees, essentially making the brush into more of a “T” shape, it may help me reach more areas of my teeth and gums. Then after taking a couple of plastic toothbrushes to my kitchen where I literally cut the heads off of the toothbrushes and used my burner to help me melt the heads back on to the brushes, I started to experiment with what I felt was the best homemade T-shape prototype to use. Over a short amount of time, I realized the head needed to be smaller than a standard toothbrush’s head and the angle on the shank needed to change to my specifications because it helped put the bristles on my teeth in the most uniform fashion.

Q:  Did you invent this toothbrush to mimic common dental tools that are used by dentists?

A:  My original intention was not for this purpose. However, after making this realization that The Vertex Toothbrush® does mimic dental tools as far as both its angling and rounded handle, it began to make sense why dental tools are designed in this fashion and it is because it helps a dentist reach all areas in a patient’s mouth. The same can be said as far as the brushing experience with The Vertex Toothbrush®. The Vertex Toothbrush® is able to reach pretty much every little nook and cranny in your mouth so though I did not set out to invent a toothbrush to mimic dental tools, it’s amazing to me that no one thought of this idea before me. And as I always say, “if dental tools are designed to help dentists get to every little area in your mouth, then why is the most important dental tool that we put in our mouths at least twice a day not designed in a similar fashion? Now it is!!”

Q:  What has been the response from those who use the toothbrush?

The many users of The Vertex Toothbrush® LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the brush!! And that is why I am doing my best to bring The Vertex Toothbrush® to the world. And it’s not only you and I who love it but dentists and orthodontists say it will be an absolute game changer as far as dental hygiene is concerned. I am beyond excited that there is a real appreciation for The Vertex Toothbrush® and I hope you will have a similar experience as to the many who already use the brush.

Q:  Why no ADA or FDA certification?

A:  At the end of 2015, I reached out to the American Dental Association and our conversations were beyond friendly and professional. My contact there knew I was a startup company and on her own, she performed two out of three of the same tests the ADA would perform on any brush in order to achieve their seal of approval…and both the soft and medium strength Vertex Toothbrushes passed these preliminary tests!! I was beyond excited and was ready to beg, borrow and steal to get the $14,000 to begin the full testing phase in order to gain the ADA approval to put their seal on my packaging. However, in the spring of 2016, my contact at the ADA reached out to me and said she met with her boss who said that before I can move forward with the ADA’s test, I needed to perform a month long test of the brush at an accredited dental school. So essentially, on top of the $14,000, I would have to pay even more money to get the ADA seal of approval. I am a startup company where I literally sold my rollover IRA to fund this business. I am sure it is unfortunate to all who are both reading this and using The Vertex Toothbrush® that I cannot afford at this time to get the ADA seal - though The Vertex Toothbrush® did pass a preliminary test - but hopefully in the near future I will be able to afford this approval because I know how wonderful it would be to get this kind of accreditation. And regarding the FDA, toothbrushes fall into a category of medical products that do not need to gain FDA approval in order to come to market.

Q:  Electric, Kiddie and even Doggie Vertex Toothbrushes coming soon?

A:  First, regarding electric brushes, though I have some people who have stopped using their electric brushes for they feel their teeth feel cleaner using The Vertex Toothbrush®, I do plan on making and manufacturing the replacement heads to be used on already existing electric brushes. Now for The Vertex Toothbrush® for kids, though I have some eight and nine year olds who are happily using The Vertex Toothbrush®, in the near future, kids will definitely have their own Kiddie Vertex. Oh, and believe it or not, the canine market is looking for a toothbrush for their pets and I have one Vertex Toothbrush® owner who says it works wonderfully for her dogs. The expanded market for The Vertex Toothbrush® looks great and I hope to be able to service all potential users who will benefit from using The Vertex Toothbrush®.

Q:  How did you come up with the name for the brush?

A:  Believe it or not, figuring out the name took a lot longer than probably any phase of inventing the brush. But to make a long story short, I looked in the dictionary for words that were similar to the word, “angle,” and the word, “vertex,” came up. After I read the full definition of, “vertex,” it became clear that, “The Vertex Toothbrush®,” was the perfect name.

Q:  How should I properly use The Vertex Toothbrush®?

A:  Simply use the brush as you would normally use your standard toothbrush. Holding the handle horizontally allows you to not only cover both upper and lower teeth at the same time but you can now, depending upon if you are brushing your upper or lower teeth, also brush both tooth and gum at the same time as well. Also, the rounded handle lets you easily turn the head of the brush to the inner workings of your mouth allowing you to brush this area with ease, tongue included. And do not forget to twist the head, pointing either up or down, to help you brush behind your molars like you have never done there before. And yes, you can hold the brush more vertically when you are brushing your front teeth, but I promise, in a short amount of time, you will find your best ways to both use and love The Vertex Toothbrush®. Please view video for more information.

Q:  Any last thoughts?

A:  Everybody, welcome to The Vertex Toothbrush®!! And please do not hesitate to send to me your thoughts in regards to your new experience using the brush for I truly hope you enjoy and continue to use The Vertex Toothbrush®. Thank you!!


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